How Can Sleep Affect Work Performance?

Sleep plays a vital role in both your physical and psychological health. Not only does sleep boost your immune system, but research has shown that a better sleep can improve move, increase productivity, and even improve memory. So sleep loss can have a detrimental impact on work performance. Sleep deprivation can leave you tired, agitated, less creative, and make it more difficult to stay focused at work.

Going to work tired and with little or bad sleep can significantly impact job performance. Without enough sleep, neurons in the brain become overworked which leads to impaired thinking, slow physical reactions, and feeling emotionally drained. These are the short term side effects of sleep loss. Long term sleep loss can have even more serious consequences including risk of obesity, heart disease, cognitive decline and even lead to dementia.

We’ve all suffered from some form of sleep loss at some point, finding it more challenging to maintain focus and attention. Feeling drowsy and trying to stay awake takes a lot of mental energy, making it more difficult to stay focused on work tasks that require concentration. People who suffer from sleep loss are also more likely to make errors at work, which means tired employees take more time to react in critical situations and are more likely to makes mistakes.

Working while tired leaves employees feeling more irritable, angry and more vulnerable to stress. In stressful or negative situations emotional reactions are increased, leading to overreacting at inappropriate times. Stress and irritability felt during the workday can then spill into into home life, making it more difficult to fall asleep. Over time, chronic sleep loss increases the risk of more serious mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression, that can make being productive at work even more challenging.

If sleep loss you causing to you or your employees be tired at work, it may be time to make some changes. Getting consistent, quality sleep can help you perform better at work, and giving you more motivation during the day. 

Research has shown that CBD helps improves sleep and in particular the symptoms of REM sleep behaviour disorder (RBD - which is associated with poor sleep). 

At Little Green’s CBD, we have developed an oil drop with only purpose in mind - to help you have a more restorative and better quality sleep. Our SLEEP oil drops are infused with added Lavender helping you further drift off and de-stress. Simply place a few drops under the tongue approximately an hour before bed, and re-define your bedroom routine.

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